Serving Great Neck: Meet your fitness goals through Pilates, Kickboxing and Weight Training with custom training available.


Great Neck KickboxingKICKBOXING

Kickboxing is fabulous for improving everything from confidence and coordination to strength and cardio workouts.  Our classes focus on balance, coordination, grace, strength, core and cardio development. We feature classic kickboxing and step-kick sculpt to allow you to develop your full potential in a safe and friendly environment.


Great Neck Pilates

Through Pilates we focus on core strengths, allow for development of the powerhouse of your body – between shoulders and pelvis – to support all body activities in a powerful and wholistic way.  We feature the Pilates Reformer method.


Great Neck Weight TrainingWEIGHT TRAINING

Classic weight training for both men and women provides not only a great cardio workout but the ability to strengthen or tone specific areas of your body.  Whether it’s upper back, abs, arms, legs or core, weight training is utterly adaptable to your own personal needs.  In addition, weight training helps to preserve muscle mass and protect you from injury as you age.

Great Neck Personal Fitness TrainersCARDIO | STRENGTH | CORE

We’ll set up a team of trainers to work with you and include pilates, weight training, kick boxing, and/or step kick along with other techniques such as running or tai chi to give you a workout program tailored to your own physiology.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced practitioner, we invite you to come and enjoy one of our many classes or individual training. We ARE COMMITTED to providing you with the most enjoyable, invigorating and uplifting experience possible.

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