Verol Cawley has dedicated his entire life to health, fitness and spiritual awakening. Since his teenage years on the island of Jamaica, Verol has understood the importance of the mind-body connection and the imperative to nurture both.

Beginning as a student of body building, Verol gained recognition as a Teen Mr. Jamaica and Grand Bahamas Powerlifting champion. After graduating from Florida University with a degree in physical education, Verol became a student of the martial arts, including Wu Shu Kwan and the Chen style of Tai Chi.

Over the past 15 years, Verol’s unique approach to physical and mental well-being has helped hundreds of women and men achieve better health and spiritual peace at his highly successful and acclaimed studio/gym in Great Neck -Verol’s Ultimate Studios. Now, Verol is bringing this same dedication and commitment to health and fitness to his new studio,¬†Gravity Fitness.

Attracting the region’s most accomplished trainers and teachers, and equipped with 10 Refomers and advanced Pilates apparatus, Verol is committed to making Gravity Fitness, the area’s premier center for the study, teaching and practice of physical fitness with a focus on Pilates, Kick Boxing and Weight Training¬†disciplines.