Kick Boxing

Kick Boxing & Step-Kick Sculpt

Great Neck Kick BoxingTry kick boxing in Great Neck, NY. Kick boxing provides excellent aerobic exercise with its high-intensity, full-body cardio workout.  It nicely supplements Pilates (core) and Weight Training (muscle mass) workouts.

Kickboxing is an excellent workout for developing stamina, toning the body, developing self-confidence and losing weight.  It helps develop endurance, strength and core.


Great Neck KickboxingWeight loss – kick boxing can burn as much as 750 calories in an hour.  Its cardio-conditioning capacity is excellent.

Body tone – kick boxing provides excellent whole body tone because all muscle groups are involved.

Self-confidence – kick boxing provides empowerment and confidence as you reach your goals.  And for women, it supports self-confidence because you learn how to protect yourself.

We use heavy bags as equipment – you will need to provide your own boxing gloves.

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